Jul 4, 2011

What Your Nail Polish Says About You

Have you ever wondered what a vibrant red or mystic glimmering blue nail polish might say about you? If you have, or have not, it is time to find out what nail polish color fits your mood and what the colour you love splashing on your tips truly means about who you are inside...

Ravishing Red

This vibrant color would show that you have a fiery personality, and are outgoing, and fun! It would also mean that you are happy but competitive as well! The color is perfect for an outfit mostly the same color or a plain one, because the bright nails would pop! It is also good for a bright summer day! If you like wearing red nail polish you are also a total trend setter!

Gorgeous Green

The color green, represents life, nature, and well being. This means if you wear this color on your nails, you are showing that you're peaceful, calm and cool. It means you are balanced but also fun and bright! It is the perfect nail color for any season! It goes best with yellows, or blues and shows that you are a great person! You love helping the environment and world peace means a lot to you.

Perfectly Princess Pink

Not only does this nail polish color show that you are feminine, girly, and cute but also helpful, empathetic, and responsible! Also it means you are relaxed and pretty! A light pink is perfect for Spring, and a hot pink is amazing for summer! Pink goes best with whites, reds, and chocolate browns. Try to use these colors in your outfit when wearing a pink polish, and remember pink means your perfect! Girls who wear pink nail polish love helping others and love being loved!

Beautiful Blue

Blue shows how determined and respectful you are. It also says that you are loyal, faithful and confidant! Blue is perfect for a strong and bold girl. It is perfect for Summer, or Winter! Every shade of it is beautiful, and it goes best with greens, and purples. If you wear blue polish, you are cool! If you like wearing blue nail polish you are much loved by all of your buddies.

Precious Purple

Purple shows royalty, elegance, but strength and power, luxury plus ambition. If you wear purple everyone will look at you because it is bright and makes any skin type, or color look fabulous! It is great for Winter, or Spring! It goes best with blues, pinks, or other shades of purple and is an amazing color! If you like wearing purple, you are a true leader.

Awesome Orange

The nail color orange, shows creativity, fun, passion, enthusiasm and of course, shows how fun and exciting you are! Orange is best for Fall, Spring or Summer! It looks great with jeans, and any t-shirt. It always makes an outfit perfect! You just want to have fun with your friends and are generally the jokiest gal at the party.

Youthful Yellow

Yellow shows you are vibrant, funny, bubbly, and cheerful! It also shows freshness and joy, showing it is perfect for Spring, Summer, or Fall! It looks amazing with navy blues and reds and oranges! It goes great with white jeans, and bright tank tops. You just want happiness and joy in your life.

So what colour are you most like? Have you been splashing the colour most like your personality on your tips? Let us know in the comment box bellow!


  1. I love this post....I am pink totally :-)

  2. We loved writing this post....what colour are you most like? Comment, comment, comment...we cannot wait to hear from ya!

  3. I am orange! I love this post...it is so fun to read =)

  4. I love this post...I am purple for sure! I am obsessed with royalty...it is sooo chic! wills + kate all the way!!!!

  5. I like this article...it is very enjoyable to read! Keep up the great writing Flaut It!

  6. Hey hey,

    Interesting post! I love this topic it is so unique! I think I am probably a mix of pink and purple!

    Write more soon.

  7. blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue

  8. i love this post...now i know so much!

  9. I think I am probably blue too.....i love this article is it one of the most popular posts?


  10. i love np...is it bad for u?

    i sure hope nawt!

  11. cool writing. i like nail polishs...expecially thr black shadder 1.

  12. Cool topic....I like this post!

  13. @ula: it sure is! I bet the only natural ingredient is water! I still wear it sometimes, though.

    I'm pink.


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