Jul 7, 2011

Aritzia S/S Collection: Part 1 Wilfred

Aritzia is the store of the moment with its trendy clothing. Aritzia's spring/ summer 2011 collection was gorgeous. One of Aritzia's exclusive labels is Wilfred, a line of clothing that pays attention to detail and quality. Wilfred produces clothing for the more feminine fashionista. The Wilfred spring/ summer collection for Aritzia was beautiful.

This line featured a lot of classic creams and pale yellows as well as burnt orange tones and dark blacks and browns. A lot of the clothing was loose and baggy perfect for hot summer days. The girly dresses were designed with romantic first dates in mind. This summer you can be any girl and do anything in Wilfred. The best part is that all of these clothes are available right now...just pop into Aritzia for some summer shopping! Take a look.

Vibes: Cool, edgy, trendy
Where 2 Wear: A picnic at the park
Accessorize: With a fabulous gold chunky bangle

Vibes: Sweet, innocent, feminine
Where 2 Wear: A walk on the beach
Accessorize: With a girly flowery hair band

Vibes: Casual, relaxed, hanging out
Where 2 Wear: Shopping at the mall
Accessorize: A funky beaded necklace

Vibes: Cool, trendy, relaxed
Where 2 Wear: On your exotic vacation
Accessorize: With bold shades

Vibes: Girly, sweet, flirty
Where 2 Wear: On your first date
Accessorize: With bright pink lip gloss

Vibes: girly, chic, pretty
Where 2 Wear: At your cottage
Accessorize: With a  trendy tote

Vibes: Laid back, casual, relaxed
Where 2 Wear: On the plane
Accessorize: With a sparkly hair clip

Vibes: Trendy, edgy, cool
Where 2 Wear: To the zoo
Accessorize: With a turquoise purse

Vibes: Sweet, relaxed,  loose
Where 2 Wear: Babysitting your neighbors
Accessorize: With cool earrings

Vibes: Laid back, casual, cool
Where 2 Wear: To your friends on a super hot day
Accessorize:  With a trendy necklace

Vibes: Cool, fashionable, trendy
Where 2 Wear: To your friends house
Accessorize: With a funky belt

Vibes: Girly, chic, sweet
Where 2 Wear: To a summer concert
Accessorize: With a jewel encrusted ring

Vibes: Girly, chic, relaxed
Where 2 Wear: To get gelato with your siblings
Accessorize: With a pretty hairband

So, which Wilfred look was your fave? Post a comment bellow to let me know...


  1. Hey Flaunt It Readers,

    Isn't it totally awesome how all summer long you can stay chic and busy with Wilfred's spring/ summer 2011 collection for Aritzia!?

    Don't forget to follow Flaunt It if you LOVE it!

  2. I like TNA more than wilfred, but this is cool

  3. Hi,

    I love this post. Now I am going to aritzia to buy some of these...they are sooooo cool!


  4. Hello,
    for me aritzia is too expensive but i love seeing all of their clothing designs. I like the last 3 outftis!

  5. bonjour,
    i am from paris and get my aritzia clothing when i go to canada! It is soooo chic and everyone is jealous! I have some of the clothing you featured here :-)

  6. Hey,

    This is such a great post! I love the way you show all of the outfits from the collection....you feel like u were actually @ the runway show.

    keep up the great wrk.

  7. P.s. I cannot wait until the review of talula.....I like them the best!!!!

  8. Hey,

    I love this post. Aritzia is one of my fave stores so I love reading about this stuff! I think that the first outfit is my favourite...I also liked the one 5th from the top.....I am ordering it online now :-)


  9. Gorgeous collection...Aritzia has great stuff!
    Keep up the awesome work.

  10. So coooooooooool! I love this!

  11. YOu and Tavi's blogs are my favourites....make a joint blog! That would be soooooo famous!!!!!

  12. Wilfred has great clothing I love the style of them. Post another review soon :-)

  13. Cool post. I am not a huge aritzia fan but this collection is chic.

  14. I like the 3rd, 6th, and 11th outfits, especially the 11th (the light brown loose-fitting dress). Super-cute!


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