Jul 5, 2011

Hot Designer: Pre- Autmn/ Winter 11

Pre autumn/ winter collections are always exciting. A preview gives you a tiny taste of the full collection and leaves you wanting more. Read on for previews of 3 hot fashion designers. This autumn/ winter their collections will be hot!

 Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is a name associated with high fashion and true trendiness. Naturally when the pre- autumn/ winter 11 collection was revealed everyone was buzzing about it! Take a look...

 Bold coloured dresses are fitted and have some sculptural aspects. Loving the colour choices. 

 Jackets are all about the punches of colour. From fabulous fuchsia to bright orange McQueen promises splashy, flashy jackets. Of course there will also be delicately dark lace patterned jacket.

As for outfits...it looks like we are in for a trend infused bunch!  Colours will be bolder, heels will be higher. Once again expect McQueen to exceed your expectations.


Classy and elegant,  Chanel will always be iconic in fashion. The pre- autumn/ winter collection is magnificent. Take a look.

The designs were classic Chanel. The colour pallet was beautiful tones of gray. This collection looks like it will be amazing.

This collection seems to have an exotic, nearly "Cleaopatrian" vibe. The fabrics are truly gorgeous.

 Queen of the Sahara dessert! From metallic gold to navy tunics this collection (show in March) is one of the most hotly anticipated.


Versace is getting a lot of attention right now due to the recent announcement that Versace will be collaborating with H&M this fall. The Versace pre- autumn/ winter collection looks very funk. Take a look.

Funky prints and cool boots are going to be some of the focal points of the full collection. Right now...I am loving that dress!

 Did someone say chic? Looks like this collection will be featuring a lot of knee high boots and trendy tops.

This outfit is for the true trendsetters out there. This collection will have a lot of trendy dresses like this one.

Tell me what collection you are the most excited for in the comment box bellow. I cannot wait to hear from you! 


  1. Personally I am super excited for all 3 of these collections....I really like the look of the Versace collection! Youthful yet funkadelic!

  2. I hate, hate, hate the second versace pic...what is that thing! Love mcqueen thouhg....so chic!

  3. Hello Flaunt It,

    I love your blog...congrats on 100 followers! That is a huge accomplishment.

    I am also excited for all 3 of these collections. My personal favourite looks like it will be the chanel though. I am really liking that exotic thing!

    Keep up the great work!



  4. I am really excited for all of these collections as well! In particular I like the clothing for the McQueen collection...even though it seems a bit summery i like it!

  5. loving that versace dress. why do i get these weird milk maid elctro vibes from it!?

  6. Lovely collection of dresses and these are too much fantastic....

  7. Hey,

    I have been a huge Alexander McQueen fan since I was 15! I always look forward to McQueen's collections and now 6 years latter I am proud to say I have several pieces of McQueen's work!

    Amazing post!

    Marlena Bilodeau

  8. Nice blog. :)
    If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :))


  9. Nice post! I love alexandre mcqueens clothing...it is really cool! I hope they have a good year for fashion.
    nice blog too :-)

  10. I love the tall boots from the Versace collection! They would make any outfit chic and eye-catching!


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