Feb 11, 2011

Valentines Day Countdown Love #1

I heard it this morning and my jaw dropped I certinaly did not see this coming! Definitely a throw back to Madonna/ 80s pop and in that sense it is not creative! If new as old is making a comeback this is the next BIG thing!  I can see this getting stuck in my head and I can see my self dancing to the lively beat of the music! 
V-Day LOVE #1 Lady GaGa Born This Way!

Do you love it....comment bellow and share your thoughts!


  1. I LOVE IT!


  2. Hey,
    Oh my gosh! Love that! #1 Valentines day love is ah-mazing! I totally love it! Great new song... Gaga's making a great come back!


  3. Oohhhh... lady gaga has a cool song... I like the title... I love the song! It will be the next big thing I think! I love that song! Great Post!!

  4. Salut,
    J'aime cette chanson ... intéressant! Poste Grande! Lady Gaga est très étrange! Mais cool ... belle chanson, Gaga!

  5. Donica Theresa BrontosaurFeb 11, 2011, 10:13:00 PM

    I like that song... interesting! Great Post! Lady Gaga is very odd! But cool... nice song, Gaga! I like that post! Keep up the cool ideas, and awesome writing!
    -Donica Brontosaur

  6. Clara ClearwaterFeb 14, 2011, 4:22:00 PM

    Hey Every One!

    Happy Valentines Day! I heard Gaga do that song on the grammys... it was just okay. Happy V-day!

    xoxo Clara

  7. Cool Song! I like it! Great beat and chorus.. it is already stuck in my head!

  8. Cool song.. but she is kinda weird... and I think it sounds kinda like that madonna song... you know! But it is good for what is is... I guess. I do not know much about music.. but it is okay!

  9. Hi there... okay so I totally hate lady gaga... I know everyone loves her.. but why? She refers to her fans as "my little monsters." Weird! W-I-E-R-D! I really hate her so, what can I say??? I really dislike the song.. sorry to all those others who seem to love it.. I Do not!!!! I think it is really bad.. do you see those weird shoulders and horns on the side of her head in the video? SHe is so messed up! She is so weird.. I really think she is creepy.. she is always in a strange outfit with a weird hairdoo.. but just an opinion! C'mon everybody! No offense, but I hate her... ya.

  10. I love that song!

  11. That is a great song! I love the beat and it's fun to sing along.

  12. I love the message this song sends: be yourself and have confidence. :)

  13. O-kaaay, thanks for your input, Lauren. If you hate Lady Gaga, why bother writing up a paragraph on it (and watching the music video)?


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