Feb 22, 2011

Marble Manicure

Oh la la...because us girls are always lookn' for a totally chic new way to totally flaunt it...why not fab yourself up with the marble mani! The marble manicure is a totally fab way to glam up your nails...get your glitz on with cute colours and funky designs! Your nails will look beyond amazing...here is how to do the marble mani.....  

How To Do Your Own Marble Manicure

What You’ll Need:
-A Styrofoam cup
-A toothpick
-A few different bottles of nail polish
-Some tape

*Before you start remember this is a time consuming manicure so make sure you have at least 20 minuets to complete your nails.

1.    Fill a Styrofoam cup with warm water and set aside.
2.    Paint your nails with a base coat and leave to dry.
3.    When your nails are dry take some tape and put it around your nail bed so only your nails are uncovered, this will help latter so you don’t get nail polish on your skin!
4.    Drop a bit of nail polish into the Styrofoam cup and continue dropping nail polish in the water with different colours, you should be making a bulls eye shape.
5.    Use a toothpick to create an interesting design with the nail polish!
6.    Carefully dip your nail in the water, use the toothpick to remove the excess nail polish from around your nail.
7.    Remove your nail from the water. When the polish is dry peel off the tape.
8.    Repeat this process for all 10 nails, it is time consuming but it is definitely worth it, your nails look fabulous after!


  1. Sounds super sweet! Trying

  2. Cool I idea! I just tried it.... it takes super long! But it is worth it for the absolutely awesome outcome! I have a tip: Use bright or dark colours... I used a light purple and white, and pink and it was kind of hard to see. I am so glad I found out about that though, because it looks cool! Everyone at school will love it! Thanks for showing me!

  3. wow....this is a great article! I am totally trying this :-)

  4. Hey,
    You have the coolest posts and I am obsessed with your blog!
    You should be writing @ a magazine...honestly you are the best writer, and this blog is fantastic!
    BIG fab!

  5. Hiya,
    totally great idea....alwayz looing for cool wayz to do my nailz! Flaunt It is the coolest blog eva and u should work at a profesional publication cuz thats how good u r! ok...get a magazine....i will read it foreva!
    Love this....tweeting all my friends about it...now!

  6. Mellisa MortaskoFeb 23, 2011, 6:23:00 PM

    addictive....this blog is.....addictive! It is just so jam packed with awesomeness! :-)

  7. Genius...pure genius.
    This blog is my life!
    Lets face it...over opinionated blogs that preach random stuff are waaaay annoying. This? An online magazine....no weird stuff....just stuff girls wanna read! Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank You!
    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    keep it up,

  8. GEORGIA_AKA_GIGIFeb 23, 2011, 6:28:00 PM


  9. Hi! I tried that once... it is really cool! I did not know so many people did not know about it... It is really cool though! All my friends loved it! Do it!

  10. Wow... That sounds so cool! I am so going to try that! What nail polish do you suggest? I think OPI, Revlon, or Nicole? I wonder what would happen if you put katy perry's opi nail polish black shatter on it! That would be cool! Does anyone know where you can buy black shatter? Thanks. Anyways, cool I like that idea.. I will try it and tell ya how it goes!


  11. I'm doing this with my chicks this weekend!

  12. Wow! That sounds so amazing! I would love to try that? How did you hear about that? Oh, and for Izzie who commented above asking where you can buy black shatter.. you can at Trade Secrets... Marble nail art sounds so cool! I will tell all my friends to check this out!



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