Feb 28, 2011

2011 Oscar Oh La La Gowns...

 The Oscars are always a night filled with glamor and gorgeous  gowns! Witch celebs were flaunting it and who were the best dressed? Read on for 2011 Oscar oh la la gowns....

This dress is simple but beautiful for its colour. The jewel tone purple stood out on the carpet and looked beautiful against Natalie's fair complexion.

This was Anne's nicest dress of the evening. The dramatic red was fresh and fun while the rosette's added a playful yet, elegant touch!

Sandra went for a daring red. The dress is very classy and looks beautiful on Sandra.
Pretty and age appropriate this young starlet proves she isn't just a fab actress...she knows fashion too! Her delicate dress was a perfect choice!

Helen shows you can be classy at any age in this silver/gray dress. A perfect choice of dress both for its classy Hollywood glamor and for its graceful colour.    

But Who Wins The Oscar For Best Dressed?
Here is Flaunt Its Top 3 Picks for Best Dressed Celeb...
Jennifer's bold red gown was a true stunner! Not only did the dress's classy lines show off Jennifer's figure amazingly, the gown was also elegant and made an impact. Love that look!     

Halle's dress was so delicate and elegant, a true breath taker. Not only was the colour beautiful the design of the dress was absolutely stunning! Definitely Halle looked superb!

Reese's simple frock was so elegant. The black and white dress's simplicity was classy and clever! Reese's look was very glamorous and one that really optimized her beauty! This look was amazing!


  1. Cool! that is so nice! I agree with you, but I liked all the dresses, they are so nice to see! Great post!

  2. I think you chose really good people! You have a great eye for fashion for sure!
    Red was definitely popular on the carpet! My fave was Reese too....totally class, picture of a lady! And the hair 'do was beyond beautiful!!!!

  3. Cool, I agree, they are such nice dresses, and I love the oscars! great blog, keep up the awesome work!


  4. Love Natalie Portman and Helen Miren but for me Halle Bery takes the Oscar Cake for best dressed!! LOLZ !!!!!

  5. Usually Anne Hathaway is my girl but overall she hosted the Oscars at, like, 7/10 and Franco....2/10 he wasn't even trying! No chemistry...the show was so/so. Fashion wise? Hudson stole the show...that red gown? STUNNING! WOW! hot loved it!

  6. By this point I kinda think it is just in this blogs bloog to write about top knotch stuff. I mean NO ONE else has covered Oscar Fashion like you!!

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