Sep 22, 2011

Light Hot

Light Hot: Alexander Wang's Spring/ Summer 2012 Collection was a hot spot at New York Fashion Week....

Collection Run-Down:

The Vibe: Minimalist, clean, cutting edge, very fresh.

Why I Loved It: Practicality meets pretty! The flowy garbs are perfect for humid summer days. 

Trend To Watch: The clean-cut boho style of the clothes looks like it is going to be a big hit next season. 

What Flaunt It Insiders Are Saying:

"This collection really hit home for me! I loved the shapes of the clothes." Amy More

"I can see myself wearing a lot of the pieces in my collection. Designed for women in mind...I like that! Alexander Wang gets a double thumbs up for this collection." Natalia Hu

"I am already obsessed with anything that flows...this collection is very, very me!!" Sara Mayer

"No one does womanly chic like Wang. This collection should do well next season." Mia Burle

"When I watched this show I felt like I could connect to what Wang was thinking as he designed the outfits. Very impressive to see he designs with real women in mind. Impressive is a big word for this collection." Tania Halgard

This collection was definitely popular! What did you think of it? Post a comment bellow to share your thoughts....


  1. Loved this collection....what did you think? Post a comment to let me know!

  2. I love the paint in hair look!

  3. I am a major wang fan! cannot wait to wear these clothies!

  4. Hey there,

    Just stumbled on your blog and its great! your writing is awesome. You could be a fashion journalist sister :) great post...I love nyfw and mr. wang!


  5. Thanks for all of these amazing comments! Keep them coming :)

  6. Ewwie I hate this collection. The white is very cliche for summer.....

  7. Loving the looks of this collection :)

  8. Hey!

    I love writing....your intense :)))) This collection is pretty rad looking to me! But hey, whada I know? Im just an aspriing designer living outta my cousins bassement in vancouver BC!

  9. I htink i will always love this blog! another cool postttt!

  10. Thanks again for all these comments! Supportive readers like you all are what makes Flaunt It so fun and amazing to write! Please feel free to write a letter to editor any time with your thoughts! Check out the contact page or email Can't wait to hear from you!

  11. Neat collection! I love how vague the models look. I'm L-O-L-ing now.

  12. I love the light, flowy look.
    Good luck with your designs, Aubrey. I'd like to design wedding dresses when I grow up.


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