Dec 1, 2010

Hot Hostess Gifts

 Hot Hostess Gifts

Get your gift giving game on and splurge for your best friends! Hostess gifts for your bff’s are a great way to show you care! From simple to a bit more extravagant, here are some fun ideas to say thank you to that pal throwing a holiday party!

Keep it simple and make a CD of their favourite tunes! Be creative by giving your CD a theme! Or try something even more personal with an electronic scrap book! Your friends will love the memories you are bringing back through the photo montage!

Every teen girl loves nail polish, plus it makes a great gift! Nail polish is amazing for its in inexpensive price and exciting range of colours! The next time you’re invited to a holiday bash, pick up three of the hostess’s fave nail polish colours and put them in a small clear bag with fun wintry tissue paper.

We all love winter woolies and they don’t break the bank! Toques with fuzzy pom pom’s, cozy fur trimmed gloves and long knitted scarves! Woolens are the perfect way to say thank you to that hostess and make a fun addition to their winter wardrobe!

For that extra special them you really care with personalized m&’s! These sweet treats are great because you can make them really mean something special with photos and phrases! Everyone loves m&ms..especially when they are custom-made!

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  1. Hello!
    I really like the idea for customized M&M's! But where can you buy them??? Nail polish is perfect, and an adorable idea! It's so true! Fuzzy knits are always in for new friends! Last year I got this new girl fuzzy knitted socks and mittens, and she loved them! The best idea ever: electronic scrapbook! But CD's are cool, too! I love those suggestions! Each one is great, and I will use one for every person I know! Great ideas! I love this blog!

    Hannah R

  2. Hi!

    This blog about "Hot Hostess Gifts" was amazing. First you explained a few great ideas about good gifts to give, but, it totally shocked me to see personalized M&M's! I always give them to my brother and my best friend for their birthdays/Christmas! I love this blog, and the holiday spirit! Thanks for sharing those great ideas!

    Victoria Mckintre

  3. Hi dear! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Following! Kiss

  4. Oh my, thank you so much for all these lovely compliments, I'm so glad you like my blog ♥
    Those Christmas gifts are wonderful, great ideas!
    I like your posts, they are so useful ;)

  5. thanks for your comment :) i follow you so please follow my blog too.


  6. This is such a good idea! I never thought to make a CD :) Just found your blog and loving it!!


  7. Thank you for such lovely comments! These are some great ideas!! I follow you, you follow me?

    Kirstin Marie

  8. Great present-ideas!
    Btw, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  9. These are great ideas!!! I love the idea of a digital scrapbook- I think I'm going to use that for one of my friends who just moved away.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my website :) Love your website as well. I will definately be back! * New follower

    xoxo Summer

  10. Oooh what a great blog! And a great post too, I never even knew personalised m&ms existed, they'd be such a cute stocking filler for my boyfriend :D
    I'm a newbie follower :D

    Fiona x


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