Nov 3, 2010

It's Poll Month!

Poll Month Is Here!
*It is November, and Flaunt It wants to know what girls are* *thinking!*

Are you a girl who loves hearing what other girls are thinking, or have to say? Do you crave sharing your opinion with the world-or-do you just love answering polls? If any of the above sound like you then you will definitely be crazy for Poll Month!

Poll month happens all through the month of November! It is easy and exciting to participate in Poll Month. Basically Poll Month is a 1 month special edition celebration taking place on Flaunt It! Girls participating in Poll Month simply answer polls, share opinions and thoughts and get ideas heard! Then, in the last week of November we launch the poll results! Every week a few new polls will be posted on the site. Just answer and you are eligible to have your thoughts published on Flaunt It! Have fun during Poll Month!

|:>-<{Our Polls}>-<:|

*Check back daily to see what new polls are available to participate in!


  1. Wow! I love the poll month idea! It is so fun and cool! I love Flaunt it and the poll month! Polls are so fun! And I love the new background!!!

  2. Wow! I just love this site! All the polls were so fun! I cannot wait to find out the answers!!!!!


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